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William Penn High School is committed to helping our students understand, connect, and act on critical global issues by integrating 21st century skills and experiences through degree programs. Adhering to our district goal, all students will become college and career ready by the time they graduate. All incoming students will select a concentrated degree program in of our three colleges. Once the school year begins, students will receive their recommended courses to complete their major in four years. They will work with our guidance department to ensure that all of the student’s classes are connected to their major. By the student’s junior year, they will be able to determine their “concentration” and refine their focus. By graduation, students will complete their degree program and have had the opportunity to work with local business, apply for local college credits and trade certifications. Students will graduate with the necessary 21st century skills to become college and career ready.In order to connect classroom learning to real-world applications, William Penn High School offers several on-campus working opportunities. Students are encouraged, and given time, to use these work environments to count towards their senior project and internship, connecting classroom studies to real life problem-solving activities.

Penn Services is the products and services arm of William Penn High School. Students work together in a business setting, providing products and services to meet your needs.

STEM College

In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important to our advancement in globalization. To succeed in this new information based and highly technological society, William Penn High School is committed to student innovation by offering programs in engineering, agriculture, technology, physical and biological sciences, and mathematics.

Business College

Current business owners want employees that can solve problems, be innovative, and have industry knowledge and skills that will allow their business to compete in a global market. Our College of Business is committed to being at the forefront of these current and evolving practices in order to nurture leadership potential. William Penn High School will offer a variety of degrees that reflect the realities of the current marketplace and organizations. We will educate students who will become leaders and make a difference in the world.

Humanities College

A common thread linking these degree programs are the contributions they have to understanding of human societies and human services. This college embraces a diversity of interests through the arts, humanities, and social services. William Penn High School will help students understand the past and its influence, question and resolve issues in the present, and shape a future committed to the common good.