Register for School

Welcome to the start of something truly special.

We are excited that you have chosen the Colonial School District for your child’s educational experience. The Colonial School District has a long standing tradition of serving the community, providing students with the knowledge and skills for success beyond formal schooling as well as instilling the positive characteristics and traits of productive citizens.

The enrollment process in our schools is designed to ensure your child’s appropriate placement and smooth transition from your previous school district. Starting in a new school district can be an exciting time for students; at the same time, the enrollment process can be frustrating and overwhelming. Our enrollment process is designed to minimize this frustration and reduce the anxiety of learning about a new school. 

With school buildings being closed, you can register your child for kindergarten online! All Kindergarten classes in the Colonial School District are full day.  Children who will be five years old on or before August 31 of the current year, are eligible to attend kindergarten.

During these challenging  times,  we’ve changed to make school registration as easy as possible!

Steps for Registering your child for School Online.

Registration Procedures – SPANISH VERSION

Step 1: Find your Child’s Feeder School

A student’s feeder school is the school that the district assigns the student to attend. Use the online School Locator Search  to locate your feeder school district and local elementary school.
Even if you decide to participate in the School Choice process later, you will need to register with your feeder pattern elementary school first.


Step 2: Prepare and gather your documents

To register, we will need several supporting documents to complete your child’s registration.
We highly recommend you gather these documents before starting Step 3. 

  1. The following supporting documents are needed for registration
    • Your valid Delaware Driver’s License or Delaware ID Card
    • Your Child’s Official Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Residence (such as a Current electric, water or sewer bill or signed rental lease, deed or settlement agreement)
    • Immunization Records Grades K-6Grades 7-12 


Step 3: Take photos of documents and move photos or scans to a desktop or laptop computer

Take a picture or scan copies of following supporting documents. Using your phone or tablet is fine as long as the pictures aren’t cut off or blurry.

 The Documents (photos or scanned copies) needed include:

  • Your valid Delaware Driver’s License or Delaware ID Card
  • Your Child’s Official Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residence (such as a Current electric, water or sewer bill or signed rental lease, deed or settlement agreement)
  • Immunization Records Grades K-6Grades 7-12 

Registering and completing the registration form will be much easier from a desktop or laptop computer.

• Get the photos or scans of the supporting docs from step 2 to the computer where you will complete the registration form. (such as email the docs to yourself, airdrop, etc).   You will need to be able to access these documents from a computer when you complete Step 4.


Step 4: Register online for the 2024-25 school year

English Application

Spanish Application

    In Person Registration: Download and complete registration form.

    When in person registration is available, please visit your child's feeder school with the following forms and supporting documents. Each link below will download as a pdf you can complete right on your computer.


    The Colonial School District full day kindergarten program is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that celebrates each child’s learning potential, while developing his or her unique identity. The anticipated outcome of full day kindergarten is to acquire the essential skills necessary to be successful in first grade and beyond.

    Goals & Objectives

    • To provide opportunities for children to have learning experiences that are child-centered and developmentally appropriate.
    • To involve students in hands-on experiences that provide the opportunity for more in-depth exploration of skills and concepts.
    • To emphasize language development and appropriate pre-literacy experiences.
    • To create the appropriate learning environment that addresses the diverse needs of each student as an individual learner.
    • To provide experiences that foster development in the affective domains and encourage all children to recognize and attain their full potential.
    • To creatively integrate technology throughout the instructional curriculum, thereby ensuring access to the learning tools of the 21st century.
    • To provide experiences that empower families to become partners in the education of their children

    “Love this school and the way your child is put first…my child has a learning disability and she has so many champions in her corner….also the weekly videos are a fun way to see what’s going on in their day!!! I love it. All 5 of my kids have gone here, and I have never regretted a single moment of my choice!!!”

    – Carrie Downie Parent


    How old does my child have to be to attend kindergarten?
    Their 5th birthday must be on or  before August 31st.
    How do I register my child?

    Please provide your child’s school with the following by August 31st

    •  Child’s original birth certificate with state seal.

    •  Proof of residence (i.e. signed lease, mortgage agreement, or current gas, water, or electric bill).

    •  Proof of immunizations, doctor’s physical exam, lead screening and all required medical tests (a form may be provided to take to the doctor).

    • Completed Registration forms

    Do you provide transportation?
    Children who live more than one mile from school may ride a school bus. In order to coordinate transportation, please make sure that your child’s school has your current and accurate address by  the end of July.
    Do you provide breakfast & lunch?
    You may choose to pack healthy items your child enjoys or receive a free nutritious breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria.