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The Construction major merges concepts of skilled trades and management where projects make connections between science, technology, engineering and math with real-world opportunities. An exciting, hands-on opportunity awaits students as they learn to create and analyze construction documents, and build scale and life-sized prototypes. Partnering with ABC in New Castle, DE, students follow the NCCER construction curriculum and will sit for trade certification exams, recognized by industry. These students are also eligible for the Manufacturing Program through DTCC, starting their Junior year.

Grade 9

  1. English I
  2. Integrated Math I
  3. Integrated Science I
  4. Geography/Civics
  5. Physical Education/Health
  6. Construction I
  7. Elective
  8. Elective

Grade 10

  1. English II
  2. Integrated Math II
  3. Biology
  4. Economics
  5. Physical Ed/Drivers Ed/ 10th Seminar
  6. Construction II
  7. World Language
  8. Elective

Grade 11

  1. English III
  2. Integrated Math III
  3. Science course
  4. US History
  5. World Language
  6. Construction III
  7. Principals of Engineering
  8. Elective

Grade 12

  1. English IV
  2. Mathematics course
  3. Construction IV
  4. Engineering Design
  5. Elective
  6. Elective
  7. Elective
  8. Elective

Additional courses or electives that relate to this major:

  • Business Essentials
  • Architectural Design course
  • Engineering courses
  • Business & Corporate Management
  • Manufacturing courses at DTCC

Students are encouraged to participate in ACE Mentoring program.