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Allied Health careers are in high demand. The Allied Health major is designed to be a springboard for students to develop the skills and behaviors necessary to enhance their knowledge and practice of general health and wellness. With a focus on Health Care Technician, students explore and prepare for the following medical fields:

  • Phlebotomy,
  • EKG,
  • Medical Laboratory;
  • Exercise Science,
  • EMT,
  • Paramedic,
  • Pre-Med.

William Penn has developed a partnership with Christiana Care and UDEL – Med Lab program. Many opportunities exist in health services after graduation, including college, specialized medical technology training, and associated entry-level careers in the medical, health fitness and sports medicine field.

Recommended Program of Study

Grade 9

  1. English I
  2. Integrated Math I
  3. Integrated Science I
  4. Geography/Civics
  5. Physical Education/Health
  6. Introduction to Health Care Technician
  7. Elective
  8. World Language

Grade 10

  1. English II
  2. Integrated Math II
  3. Biology
  4. Economics
  5. Physical Ed/Drivers Ed/ 10th Seminar
  6. Essentials of Medical Diagnostic Careers
  7. World Language
  8. Elective

Grade 11

  1. English III
  2.  Integrated Math III
  3. World Language
  4.  US History
  5. Chemistry
  6. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics 
  7. Anatomy & Physiology
  8. AP Biology

Grade 12

  1. English IV
  2. Statistics
  3. Diagnostics Services Technician (Phlebotomy and EKG)
  4. AP Chemistry
  5. World Language
  6. Paramedical Science
  7. AP Physics
  8. Elective and/or Clinical

Additional courses or electives that relate to this major:

After School: Science Olympiad Physics, Psychology, Sociology (semester courses)

Certification Program: Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (; EKG, Phlebotomy Additional certification opportunities: EMT, EMR, Life Guard, Personal Trainer