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With the state’s only Farm to School program, our exciting Culinary Arts program explores hospitality and restaurant management services from around the world that can transform students’ passion for cuisine and turn creativity into careers. In our state-of-the-art educational restaurant-style kitchen, students will learn food & preparation skills, know how to operate a successful restaurant, and understand the importance of a healthy living style for all people. Our culinary arts programs will give students every opportunity to prepare for advanced culinary programs and/or a successful career in the high-demand food industry as a Chef, Hotel and Restaurant Manager or Food and Nutrition Specialist.

Recommended Program of Study

Grade 9

1. English I
2. Integrated Math I
3. Integrated Science I
4. Geography/Civics
5. Physical Education/Health
6. Fundamentals of Culinary Arts
7. World Language
8. Elective

Grade 10

  1. English II
    2. Integrated Math II
    3. Biology
    4. Economics
    5. Physical Ed/Drivers Ed/ 10th Seminar
    6. Advanced Food Production
    7. Business Essentials
    8. World Language

Grade 11

1. English III
2. Integrated Math III
3. Science course
4. US History
5. Culinary & Hospitality Professional
6. Elective
7. Elective
8. Elective

Grade 12

1. English IV
2. Mathematics course
3. Marketing II
4. Culinary Professional II
5. Penn Farm
6. Elective
7. Ind Study (Penn Bistro)
8. Elective

Additional courses or electives that relate to this major:

Marketing III

Business Corporate Management II or III
Introduction to Agriscience, Plant Science
Graphic Design
Environmental Science courses

Certifications: National Restaurant Association: Nutrition, Manage First, ProStart, and Serv Safe