School Counseling

Our mission as School Counselors at William Penn High School is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.  In conjunction with students, staff, family and our community, and aligned with Colonial School District and the State of Delaware Department of Education we will provide the tools necessary for each student to become college and career ready by the time they graduate.


Dr. Andrew Capone, N-2 Staff Center (A-K) 
Phone: 302-323-2800, X-1414

Luann Colon Flores, N1 Staff Center (L-Z)
Phone: 302-323-2800, X-1415


Ms. Shauna Whitehead, N-3 Center 
Phone: 302-323-2952


Vacancy, E-2 Staff Center
Last Names A – Ca
Phone: 302-323-2810, X-3413                           

Ms. Sarah Martin, E-2 Staff Center 
Last Names Ce-Ga
Phone: 302-323-2810, X-3414 

​Mr. Jason Coleman, W-1 Staff Center
Last Names Gb – K
Phone: 302-323-2809 x4404, Email


Mrs. Rachel Handy-Hayes, W-1 Staff Center
Last Names L – O
Office Phone: 302-323-2800 x4403

Mrs. Adrienne Basilio, E-1 Staff Center
Last Names P- Sm
Office Phone: 302-323-2800 x3401

Mr. Sadat Burton, E-1 Staff Center
Last Names Sn- Z
Office Phone: 302-323-2800


Stand By Me is offering the following workshops virtually: Paying for College, Scholarship Presentation, FAFSA Walkthrough, and Paying for College for Juniors along with FAFSA Completion Assistance by appointment.

Menu of Services


Paying for College Presentation
This workshop provides an overview of the many options available to families to
pay for college. The goal is to inform students and parents about government grants, scholarships, loans, FAFSA application procedures and additional services and programs provided by $tand by Me. Time: 30-90 minutes (depends on audience and presentation).

Scholarship Presentation
This workshop explores scholarship opportunities from the federal and state governments as well as from institutions, private organizations and online sources. The goal is to inform students and parents about scholarship opportunities and the application process. Time: 45-60 minutes.

FAFSA Completion Workshop
This is a “hands-on” workshop that will provide students and their families with actual, real-time assistance in completing the FAFSA. $tand By Me staff and trained volunteers will provide one-on-one advice. The goal of this “hands-on” workshop is to provide high school seniors and their families with actual, real-time assistance in completing the FAFSA. Underclassmen and their families are also encouraged to attend and complete the FAFSA4caster to begin planning for the future.
Time: Varies from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

College Enrollment Support
This is a mentoring program that targets students, especially first generation, who need additional help after college acceptance. Students work with a mentor to explore decision-making, deadlines, and requirements needed to end up on a college campus. The goal is to avoid the “Summer Melt,” which can prevent students from transitioning to college because of missed deadlines and requirements.

Paying for College-For Juniors
This is an overview of options for paying for college (see above). The goal is to make students and their parents aware of financial aid as they approach their senior year. Students of all grades and their families are encouraged to attend.: 30-90 minutes.

For more information, contact Sally Coonin, College Funding Project Manager, at 302-559-8288 or Visit


All sophomores in the State of Delaware take the School Day PSAT for FREE in the Spring.  The date is set by The College Board & the Delaware Department of Education, this year the test will be March 2021

In preparation for the PSAT, students can access the Student Guide. The Student Guide provides  breakdown of the test along with sample questions.

Practice Tests



Both the ACT and the SAT are nationally administered standardized tests that help colleges evaluate candidates. Almost all colleges and universities accept either test.
The following websites provide a comparison of the SAT and ACT:
Kaplan Test Prep
The Princeton Review

All juniors in the State of Delaware take the School Day SAT for FREE in the Spring.  The date is set by The College Board & the Delaware Department of Education, this year the test will be March 2021
In addition to taking the required School Day SAT as juniors, students can register to take the SAT during a Saturday administration. It is recommended that students take the SAT at least one more time after the spring test their junior year (typically the fall of senior year).  Please visit the College Board SAT website for additional information about test dates & locations: SAT
Students may also choose to register for the ACT. Please visit the ACT website for additional information: ACT

If you have any questions about college entrance exams, please speak with your counselor.


Important: Score Release Dates most SAT scores are released about two weeks after test day. June scores take longer, up to six weeks. Find out when scores will be released.