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HS Promotion Guidelines & Graduation Requirements:

Grade level promotion in high school is determined by the acquisition of credits. Students are scheduled into appropriate sequential courses based on their grade level, their major, acquired credits from the previous year(s), and the successful completion of certain classes.  It is the responsibility of students to attempt to pass every class, as making up credits throughout the school year puts additional constraints on the successful completion of a degree program. The failure to pass required courses and the attainment of required credits by the end of a students’ senior year will result in the student not graduating on time and not being able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

To be promoted to grade:

Grade Minimum Credits Must Include at minimum



1 credit English 

1 credit Math

4 credits in additional classes



2 credits in English

2 credits in Math

8 credits in additional classes



3 credits in English

3 credits in Math

12 credits in additional classes


Required Courses to Graduate:  

 Must have a minimum of 24 credits to graduate

4 credits in English 2 credits in the same sequential World Language
4 credits in Math (must include 1 credit in IM III or Algebra II)

1 credit in Physical Education

½ credit in Health

3 credits in Science (must include 1 credit in Biology) 3 credits in a Career Pathway
3 credits in Social Studies (must include 1 credit in US History) 3.5 additional elective credits