Good Evening William Penn Colonials!!!

This is Ms. Brewington, School Principal!

I hope everyone is doing well and has made it home safely through this crazy weather we are having!  

Today was our first day of having the entire study body back into the building and the students did a wonderful job!  Our students really demonstrated how William Penn Colonials are Safe, Proud, Responsible and Respectful.

We are aware of traffic issues surrounding our arrival and dismissal.  Parents and students, we ask for your patience as we navigate and update our systems and procedures for bus pick ups and drop offs, car pick ups and drop offs and traffic.  Above all, we ask that everyone drive safely so that everyone can arrive safely.

Tomorrow is a B day, which means classes will be held for periods 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Upon arrival students may go to breakfast.  After breakfast, they should report directly to their homeroom.  As a reminder, it is expected that all students wear masks while in the building.  Masks must also be appropriate for school.  Masks that cover the entire student’s face, such as ski masks, are not appropriate for the school setting.  Hats, hoods, etc. are also not permitted.

We know it’s only day 3 but we are looking forward to days 4, 5, 6 and beyond!  It is wonderful to see our students back and as we continue to move forward this school year, it is our sincere hope that every student will be successful!

Thank you to the parents and community for your continued support!!!  

Have a great evening!!

See you bright and early tomorrow morning!

Ms. Brewington