Say Congrats to the Colonials! The DIAA (Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association) has named  William Penn  Champions in Sportsmanship winners!  This is the 24th in a row the Colonials have earned this prestigious award.  The Dale Farmer State Champions Awards are given to schools that submit a portfolio to the DIAA for rigorous review by a committee before the honorees are announced. William Penn is one of 11 schools in the state to win the award, and the only one in the state  to win it 24 consecutive years after the Dale Farmer State Championship Award was established.

“These 11 schools truly project the philosophy of education-based athletics by their behavior and actions and demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship programming despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19,” said DIAA Executive Director Donna Polk. “On behalf of DIAA and DIAA sportsmanship committee, I congratulate each of these school communities for their dedication to the true spirit of sportsmanship.” 

Way to go Colonials! Keep the tradition alive as we begin the school year!