Wednesday July 8, 2020

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Second Semester Driver Education Students,
We have received permission to resume our driver education classes starting on Monday July 13th.  This will allow us to complete the classroom portion of the course.  Classes will meet Monday thru Thursday July 13th –July 16th and Monday thru Thursday July 20th-July 23rd.  We will be having two class sessions each day to try to accommodate as many students as possible.  The first class session will be from 9:00-11:00 and the second session will meet from 1:00-3:00.  Students only need to attend one of the sessions each day.  All students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

The directives from administration in order to hold classes are as follows.

  • When arriving for class, all students will enter the school through the E-1 entrance on the left side of the building (tennis court side).  All students will have their temperature taken before they are permitted in the building.  Any student showing a fever will not be permitted in to the class.  Parents/Guardians dropping students off may want to wait for the child to be cleared for entrance before leaving.  All students will be required to wear a mask/face covering that covers both the nose and mouth.  Social distancing practices will apply.  The class will be held in cafeteria 2 to allow for safe spacing.  If more space is needed, we will also have access to the auditorium and classrooms if necessary.

The class schedule for content/material will be:

  • Monday July 13- Review of the Highway Signs and Signals
  • Tuesday July 14- Review and take the Highway Signs and Signals Test
  • Wednesday July 15- Review material for Rules of the Road Test, part 2
  • Thursday July 16- Review material for Rules of the Road Test, part 2
  • Monday July 20- Take the Rules of the Road Part 2 Test
  • Tuesday July 21- Review for the State Final Exam
  • Wednesday July 22- Review for the State Final Exam
  • Thursday July 23- Take the State Final Exam

Students are reminded that the Highway Signs and Signals Test, Rules of the Road Test and State Final Exam require a minimum passing grade of 70%.
Students should bring all of their materials to class; notebook, state manual and textbook.
Students that need to turn in their projects/notebooks should bring them to class.  The project/notebook is a requirement to pass the course
In the meantime, students should be reviewing/studying their materials for the Highway Signs and Signals Test and Rules of the Road Part 2 Test.
The district will be adding this information to our social media sites and administration will be making a robo call to communicate to our families.

Please stay safe and healthy and check for messages in schoology.  We no longer have access to sending the group e-mails through e-school.

The Driver Education Department
Mr. Christensen, Mr. Hitchens, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Lepre, and Mr. Servon

*If a student is unable to attend these class sessions in order to complete the course, there will be additional opportunities to complete the course at a later date.  The details for additional classes are undetermined at this point in time.  We want everyone to know that we will continue to be flexible and work toward giving all of our students the opportunity to complete the course.