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This major provides students with an overview of Business Information Management and introduces students to the skills needed to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations through courses focusing on entrepreneurship, global and domestic economics, information technology, customer service and ethics. Through our NAF Academy of Business Information Management, students gain critical career knowledge via a series of work-based learning activities that are conducted in school, as well as outside the classroom through internship opportunities. Completion of the program is validated with NAFtrack Certification, a student certification assessment system. This program lends itself towards careers such as general and operations managers, purchasing managers, business operation specialists, and computer information system managers.

Recommended Program of Study

Grade 9

  1. English I
  2. Integrated Math I
  3. Science I
  4. Geography/Civics
  5. Physical Education/Health
  6. Business Information Technology
  7. World Language
  8. Elective

Grade 10

  1. English II
  2. Integrated Math II
  3. Biology
  4. Economics
  5. Physical Ed/Drivers Ed
  6. Global Business Economics
  7. Psychology & Sociology
  8. World Language

Grade 11

  1. English III
  2. Integrated Math III
  3. Science course
  4. US History
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Digital & Data Driven Marketing
  7. Elective
  8. World Language

Grade 12

  1. English IV
  2. Mathematics course
  3. Work Based Learning
  4. World History
  5. Applied Legal Studies
  6. Elective
  7. Elective
  8. Elective

Additional courses or electives that relate to this major:

• World Cultures
• Sociology
• Contemporary World Views
• Journalism
• Psychology
• Statistics
• UD ENTR 167 Entrepreneurial Experience

Online Courses:

•Digital Information Technology

•Sports & Entertainment Marketing             

•Fashion & Interior Design 

•Hospitality and Tourism  

•Leadership Skills Development


•Peer Counseling         

•AP Microeconomics 

•Intro to Social Media