WP Families, On Friday, May 21st, WP will be offering the Biology and Social Studies state assessment to our Hybrid students and to those virtual students that opted in. This is typically a virtual day, but hybrid students scheduled to take either test will catch their bus to/from school and virtual students who opted in for transportation will have transportation set up for this day. Hybrid students that are typical car riders will arrive and depart on this day as a car rider. The building will open at 7:05 (normal time) and dismissal will be 11:30 (normal time). Students will be in their testing room the entire day, the test takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. State testing protocols and CDC guidelines will be followed, breakfast and lunch will be provided by our nutrition staff at arrival and dismissal (grab and go).

Who tests? Students take the Biology State Assessment the year they have Biology on their schedule. The Social Studies State Assessment is given to current students listed as 11th graders. Students that are hybrid will test and virtual students who opted in will test.

How will students know to report to WP on 5/21? We are updating our master list for students needing to test and will make a phone call home to inform families their student is scheduled to test on 5/21. Once testing rooms and staff proctors are finalized, each proctor will Schoology message each student they will test to let them know when and where to report. The week of 5/21 we will make another call home to testing families to remind them of the scheduled state test their child is scheduled to take.

School Device/Laptop Needed – this test is taken on the school-issued Chromebook/laptop; students will need to bring their school-issued device and charger with them to school on 5/21; PLEASE have your device fully charged when you arrive 

Communication Timeline:
-By May 7th, phone call to families of students scheduled to test
-By May 14th individual Schoology message will be sent to each testing student; message will come from staff member that will administer the assessment

-The week of May 21st, 2nd phone call will go out to families as a reminder about May 21st state assessment