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In order to connect classroom learning to real-world applications, William Penn High School offers several on-campus working opportunities. Students are encouraged, and given time, to use these work environments to count towards their senior project and internship, connecting classroom studies to real life problem solving activities.

Penn Services is the products and services arm of William Penn High School. Students work together in a business setting, providing products and services to meet your needs.

Penn Farm

William Penn High School signed a “Partners in Education” agreement with Delaware Greenways, a non-profit agency that works with the state on healthy living styles and open space. They were awarded the contract to operate and manage Penn Farms, located adjacent to William Penn High School. Through the City of New Castle Board of Trustees, we have enhanced our Agriculture and Landscaping Design program to include activities on the Penn Farm campus. Students work with local farmers and complete plant and soil projects on the land. William Penn students also design, create, and sustain Penn Gardens – available and open to the public.

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Penn Accounting

The Penn Accounting firm fiscally manages all cash accounts here at William Penn High School. These students collaborate with each program’s coordinator in order to collect and manage funds, journalize transactions, prepare and analyze reports, and allocate funds as necessary.

Penn Tech Design

Our Penn Tech Design company uses state of the art software and technical skills to design and test all operational systems here at William Penn High School. Our Architectural teams present layout of any and all structures, while our Engineering team designs any and all structural systems.

Penn Bistro

Probably one of our most exciting businesses, Penn Bistro is open to the public and staff for breakfast, lunch, and to-go meals on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The top chef program also caters local events and works directly with our Penn Farm team to enhance our farm to school program. www.pennbistro.net

Penn Construction

If you need something designed and built, then look no further. Penn Construction has the ability to design and construct a general product – small or large. These students go to local job sites through our Educational partner – ABC Delaware Chapter. Our students use the knowledge gained from classrooms and apply to actual jobs throughout New Castle County.

Penn Publications

Penn Publications brings together students from a variety of majors: Graphic Design, Media Design, Journalism, Yearbook, Art, and Newspaper. Students work together to design layouts and publish final products. Penn Publications is open to the community to service anyone’s graphic design needs. These students apply writing, design, and layout skills to any job contracted from our district or public.