Referendum 2024 – The Capital Request

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February 29, 2024

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Capital Referendum Information

The Department of Education has approved a $122 million certificate of necessity for maintenance and improvements on all 13 district school buildings.

WHY do we need to do this?
We want every aspect of Colonial Nation to be a source of pride. Restoring, updating and improving the buildings and facilities in Colonial is a necessary step to fully realizing the Power of WE and showing all of our students that they deserve safe, functional, high quality spaces.


• This capital improvement plan has been developed based on a comprehensive understanding of district-wide needs uniquely focused on the most important needs at each and every school.

• The State will provide 60% of the funding ($73.2 million) and we must provide the remaining 40% ($48.8 million) to secure the State’s investment.

• If the referendum does not pass, the state funding will be moved to other state projects outside of Colonial.


  • Major Capital Improvement Projects are funded through bonds and repaid over 20 years.  The repayment amount is called the debt service. 
  • The debt service tax rate for our major capital projects will vary year to year based on the repayment schedule and interest rate.  
  • It will also be impacted as our existing debt service is declining and we continue pay off old projects. 
  • The estimated total debt service tax rate maxes out at 16.9 cents in FY 2027
  • Maximum estimated tax rate for these new projects: 12.2 cents in FY 2029

In the State of Delaware, whenever a public school system requires new facilities or a significant addition to an existing building, the matter must first be approved by a popular vote of the residents in the district.

What are we asking for?

Repairing and restoring aging roofs

• McCullough Middle School
• Pleasantville Elementary School
• Southern Elementary School
• Wilmington Manor Elementary School
• William Penn High School

Building Security
Secure entrances & enhancements

• All CSD Schools

ADA Site Improvements
Providing ADA compliant equipment/ surfaces, parking & accessibility.

• All CSD Schools

New Playground Equipment
Upgrading playground equipment and grounds

• Carrie Downie Elementary School
• Castle Hills Elementary School
• Gunning Bedford Middle School
• Eisenberg Elementary School
• Kathleen Wilbur  Elementary School
• New Castle Elementary School
• Pleasantville Elementary School
• Southern Elementary School
• Wilmington Manor Elementary School

Parking & Roadway Improvements
Improving and enhancing parking lots and road ways including car rider lanes.

• All CSD Schools

Site Drainage & Grading
Improving drainage & preventing erosion including repair of roof gutters & drainage piping.

• All CSD Schools

Pedestrian Improvements
Repairing, sealing and leveling sidewalks as well as resetting of brick walkway pavers as needed.

• All CSD Schools

Athletic Field Improvements
Upgrading running/walking tracks, playing fields at secondary schools & addition of new multisport athletic complex at William Penn.

• George Read Middle School
• Gunning Bedford Middle School
• McCullough Middle School
• William Penn High School

William Penn Athletic Complex Renderings

Click the image below to see the proposed multi-sport complex at William Penn High School

The projects in this capital referendum do not include Leach and the Colonial Early Education Program.  

Due to the nature of the special populations that those schools serve, the funding process for those schools falls under different state rules.

Support for Seniors: YES, the State of Delaware does offer tax relief for seniors.

Individuals 65 and older, who meet a residency requirement (3 years if you established residency before 12/31/2017; 10 years if you established residency after that date), are eligible for a school tax credit of up to $400 on their principle residence. A School Tax Credit Application can be found at: Seniors may also apply for additional reductions in sewer and county property tax based on income. For more information about these programs, call the County at 302-395-5520.