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Power of We

Six years ago Colonial began an intentional movement to shift the mindset away from a hierarchical, top down management style organization to a more open, flat leadership, passion driven team approach. This effort, entitled the Power of WE, focused on four Pillars which comprise the “W”:


1- Early Childhood
2- Leadership and Learning
3- Innovation
4- Access and Opportunity

The 4 pillars drove the work of ALL employees at this time. Through a concerted marketing and storytelling campaign the Power of WE was established as the District tagline, mindset, decision making frame of reference and eventually became the culture of Colonial.

Early Childhood

Leadership and Learning


Access & Opportunity

Beginning in 2019, the focus of the “WE” campaign shifted to tell the broader community “Who WE are” by strengthening the “E” which focuses on:





To that end we are engaged in equity (staff and students) work, strategic planning implementation, talent development-recruitment and retention, leadership and system development and community engagement.

Now in 2021, the Power of WE continues,  we continue to honor ”Who WE are”, but are excited for the “Power of WE” to harness its collective energy to change the odds for the children of Colonial.