A Message About Bullying

Colonial Community, Families and Staff:

There has been a lot of discussion regarding bullying in schools and how it is addressed. Bullying is taken seriously by all administrators, teachers, and staff within Colonial School District. From the bus ride to the classrooms, to the cafeteria and playgrounds in each of our fourteen schools, district employees are trained to respond to any incidents of bullying and/or harassment.

Principals and Behavior Interventionists have been educated about the importance of creating safe environments for our students. It is expected that all incidents of bullying be investigated and remediated. Teachers take online courses and repeatedly speak with students about rules, expectations, and consequences.

Our schools offer a variety of programs addressing bullying throughout the school year. Program examples include monthly bully prevention assemblies, specific resources such as the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program, Steps to Respect, The Wise Owl Bully Stopper Kit and the Bully Proof Kit. In addition, specialists from the YMCA conduct anti-bullying programs within the classrooms.

Bullying is a growing problem around the country that cannot be ignored. We, as a school district, address this issue within all of our schools. We all need to work together so that this issue is discussed at home, school, community, and places of worship, in order to put an end to verbal and physical intimidation among our students.

All Colonial staff are available to speak with parents whenever they feel their sons/daughters have been mistreated. Together, we must work to provide a safe environment for our students to learn and be the best they can be.

Jeffrey Menzer, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Colonial School District

Bullying Prevention Contact

Delaware Department of Justice
Bullying Prevention & School Crime Contact (Ombudsperson)