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Flyer Distribution

Guidelines for Distribution of Materials to One or More Schools in the Colonial School District 

The Colonial School District receives numerous requests for distribution of flyers, brochures, and other materials to our families. While we are careful not to share sales or for-profit advertisements, we are happy to connect families with non-profit programs that provide educational or enrichment opportunities to our students.All materials must be approved by the District Office. Copies must be supplied by the non-profit entity and delivered to the school(s) after approval. To receive approval via email, contact Communications and Media Relations Officer, Lauren Wilson at Lauren.Wilson@colonial.k12.de.us


  • For-Profit Businesses
    Requests coming from for-profit companies generally are declined unless the organization is a formal school or business partner in fundraising or school donations.
    • Camps, After-School and Tutorial and Sports Programs Not Affiliated with the School System:
      We understand that many for-profit and non-profit organizations offer a range of activities for our students to participate; however, for-profit organizations may not distribute any materials or solicit customers unless a specified number of scholarships are made available to Colonial Students, and special approval is therefore granted. For-profit organizations may submit flyers for events that are free, open to the public and offer educational or extra-curricular learning opportunities after receiving approval.
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    Activities sponsored by non-profits that benefit children usually are accepted. These include free enrichment programs or after-school programs, events such as children’s plays sponsored by non-profit arts alliances, and/or charitable fundraisers where the proceeds go toward Colonial schools, youth programs and athletic events such as Little League registration and YMCA programs.
  • Government Agencies
    The school system encourages collaboration with other government entities. Approval is almost always granted for publications promoting government-sponsored parks and recreation programs, arts councils, etc

The following language must appear on any Communication from an outside agency in order to be considered for approval:
These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Colonial School District. The Colonial School District has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, activities, or organizations announced in this flyer. Permission to distribute this flyer should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of the program by the school district. The Colonial School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action or claim filed arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees, and judgments or awards.