Student Policies & Code of Conduct

Colonial Expectations for Student Dress
The Student Code of Conduct, states the dress and grooming of students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual and shall not disrupt the orderly educational process. Guidelines will be in effect throughout all of the Colonial School District schools to assure appropriate student dress while promoting an orderly educational environment. Students are expected to adhere to personal cleanliness, neatness, and proper standards of dress and appearance. Dress and grooming that interferes with the educational process by drawing excessive attention will not be permitted. The following expectations are to be followed:

  • Mesh shirts, through which you can easily see, tank top shirts, tube tops, bare backs or midriffs, and short shorts are not appropriate.
  • Headwear, (hats, scarves, bandanas, caps, etc.) and sunglasses must not be worn in school.
  • Decals, slogans or sayings on clothing that contain reference to illegal or immoral behaviors or any type of profanity and/or racial slurs are not to be worn.
  • Appropriate safe shoes are to be worn at all times for appropriate school activities. Slippers and “Heelys” shoes are not permitted. When attending a grade level school where recess is scheduled, appropriate shoes include sneakers or low heeled, not high heeled, platform shoes, strapless or open toe shoes.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses are to be of fingertip length and shirts are to have at least one-inch wide straps, no “spaghetti strap” shirts are permitted. Cleavage should be covered. Pants are to be worn around the waist. If there are any religious practices that involve student dress, we ask that you submit documentation to the school’s principal, as soon as possible, for his/her approval.