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February 29, 2024

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Operating Referendum Calculator

  • PLEASE REMEMBER! Your home value is NOT your assessed property value.
    On average, homes in Colonial are assessed at 1/4th their total value.
  • To find your assessed value, click here to go to New Castle County’s Parcel Search.
    -Enter your house number and street name.
    -When you see your property, click Details and then scroll down to Tax/Assessment Info. That is the assessed value of your home.

About the Capital Referendum

  • Major Capital Improvement Projects are funded through bonds and repaid over 20 years. The repayment amount is called the debt service.

  • The debt service tax rate for our major capital projects will vary year to year based on the repayment schedule and interest rate.

  • It will also be impacted as our existing debt service is declining and we continue pay off old projects.

  • The maximum addition to the tax rate from today’s rate is 9.9 cents in 2027.

Support for Seniors: YES, the State of Delaware does offer tax relief for seniors.

Individuals 65 and older, who meet a residency requirement (3 years if you established residency before 12/31/2017; 10 years if you established residency after that date), are eligible for a school tax credit of up to $400 on their principle residence. A School Tax Credit Application can be found at: Seniors may also apply for additional reductions in sewer and county property tax based on income. For more information about these programs, call the County at 302-395-5520.