All school bus transportation concerns should be directed to the Transportation Department at 302-323-2851

Office Hours are 6:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Phone: (302) 323-2851

To be eligible for school bus transportation, students must:Attend their designated feeder pattern school

Live at least one mile from school if in grades K-6, orLive at least two miles from school if in grades 7-12

Walking limits may be waived for handicapped students or when unique hazards are deemed by state officials to make walking unsafe. Other transportation services may be provided to accommodate working students or those participating in school activities.

Bus Route Notification
Families receive notification in the mail about their student’s bus route in late August. In addition, your child’s school can produce an individualized printout ‘upon request’ of this information. For childcare transportation requests, please contact your child’s school office.

Closings and Dismissals

During inclement weather or emergency situations, early dismissal/school closing information for the Colonial School District will be available from the following:

  • Automated Phone Messages
    The district employs an automated phone messaging system to help alert parents. To ensure its effectiveness, it is crucial that we have the correct phone numbers for your family. Please be sure to check the information currently on file, and supply updates to the office at your home school whenever changes occur.
  • Smart Phone Text Messages
    If your family has a smart phone whose number on file with the school district, you will receive an automatic email announcement.
  • State School Closing Website and Email Notification
    Parents can register for email notification and/or view the status of school closings across the state. Go to:
  • School and District Websites
    A notice will be posted on the home page as news.
  • Local News and Radio Stations:
    93.7 FM WSTW
    99.5 FM WJBR
    1150 AM WDEL
    Delaware Online
  • Mobile App Notifications
    Push notifications via our mobile app