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Rent a Colonial Facility

Looking to rent a Colonial School District building for your event?

Due to the financial impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many organizations, Colonial will instituting the following fees and policies for building use in 2021-2022 school year:

  • Non-profit organizations and community groups: Fees are waived fees for all building use . 
  • For profit businesses: Same fee schedule that was in place for the 2019-2020 school year. 

While the fees for building use are being waived for non profits/community groups, requesting use of A/V and/or athletic equipment will incur costs. 

    • A/V equipment is $150 per use/event. 
    • Athletic equipment is $50 per use/event. 
    • Organizations may bring their own equipment for use.  



Important Protocols & Policies Update

In recent months, we have experienced several instances in which community organizations were allowed to use our facilities but did not provide adequate supervision and damage was done to classrooms, bathrooms, furniture and equipment.
This adds to the workload of our custodial and maintenance teams, adds to our costs and jeopardizes the availability of classroom and other spaces for our students. 
Therefore we will be implementing stricter protocols and policies around building use, cleaning and enforcement of policies. 

  • We are also discontinuing the use of our buildings for family events – the request must come from a non-profit organization or other community group. 

These policies must be followed or you will or your organization will no longer be allowed to use Colonial facilities for the remainder of the school year. This is to minimize the impact on our custodial staff and ensure that all spaces can be used for student learning during the school day on a consistent basis. 

Policies are as follows: 

  • Each organization must provide the contact number for a person who will be on site during the event and responsible for the group’s conduct.
  • Each organization will be given the number of the Custodial Chief for the building.  Organization is responsible for contacting the Chief with any concerns or reporting any issues.
  • To minimize contact, custodians on site will not provide proactive assistance.  If issues arise during your time in the building, please contact the Chief and assistance will be sent. 
  • All participants must follow all COVID protocols while in our buildings.   
  • Propping exterior open doors or otherwise bypassing security measures is not allowed.
  • Organizations should prepare to dispose of their own trash.  Receptacles and bags will be provided but all trash should be disposed of in the on site dumpster prior to the organization leaving.  
  • Organizations cannot leave equipment or supplies in the building without prior approval.  
  • Organization use will be limited to one set of bathrooms (exceptions possible for larger events) and they should be monitored by the on site contact to ensure proper use and conditions.  Any issues should be reported timely to the Chief.
  • All attendees should remain in the vicinity of the rooms that the organization is using.  No one should be wandering the hallways or exploring other parts of the building. 
  • Food and drink must be handled and disposed of properly and any spills should be reported as soon as possible to the building Chief.
  • Buildings must be vacated by 9pm unless special permission is sought and granted in advance.


How to Apply for Facility Use in Colonial School District

Step 1:
Submit an organization request to

Once your organization is approved, you will receive an email stating organizational approval.  You will then be able to return to the system via the username/password you submitted to now submit your rental request.

Step 2:
Submit an “event request” for the facility in which you are interested.

  • You will be able to view the availability of Colonial facilities in this step.  
  • Colonial limits requests to two-months’ per request.  
  • The fee schedule will also be viewable in order to determine approximate cost.  
  • The request will be submitted directly to the school electronically for approval/denial and you will receive an email approval/denial.  All communication from will be via email.  
  • Please make sure to include your most up-to-date email address.  
  • Facilities invoices will be sent via email also.  Invoices not paid by the date stated on the invoice will be subject to cancellation.  
  • Cash or check paid to “Colonial School District” will be accepted (mailed or dropped off to Colonial School District Administration Building, 318 E. Basin Road, New Castle, DE  19720).  We are not able to accept credit card payment at this time.

** If at some point your event request is no longer needed, please make sure to CANCEL your event via the dashboard on  If you do not cancel your event, the invoice will remain active and you will be responsible for payment.  You are also able to cancel individual dates on your rental request.  This ensures other Colonial users may have the opportunity to use our facilities.


You will need:

  • The $40.00 (non-refundable) application fee (all external groups are responsible for application fee–no waivers permitted).  The $40.00 application fee accompanies each facilities request.  This fee cannot be waived on multiple requests.
  • For individual users like civic associations and youth sports organizations —  
    Proof of tax-exempt status – Any non-profit must have a copy of  the approval letter your organization received from the IRS that grants the organization their 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  This document can be attached to your facilities request or mailed/submitted to the Colonial School District Administration Building, Facilities Use, 318 E. Basin Road, New Castle, DE, 19720.  Fees cannot be waived unless this document is on file with us.
  • Facilities requests will be submitted electronically directly to the school. 

The application fee and costs associated with your request will be calculated during the request process. Please note that if your application is not complete, it cannot be accepted.

When a group uses a Colonial School District facility, the District incurs costs for heating, cooling, and custodial services.  Groups will incur HVAC costs for use of Colonial School District  buildings ($30.00/hour for elementary schools, $40.00/hour for middle schools, and $50.00/hour for high school).  Groups shall also be responsible for custodial fees ($45.00/hour on Saturdays, $60.00/hour on Sundays) or whenever a District custodian is not normally on duty.  Groups of more than 100 usually require two custodians per event.  Custodians must be present for all events, per District policy.

All groups will be billed for loss of property or damage/misuse of Colonial facilities.

Since the District’s primary responsibility is to provide educational programs for its students, it is our prerogative to cancel or adjust any outside usage to accommodate our needs.