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Congratulations to our 5th Graders!

While we are sad to see this class move on to middle school, we are excited for them to continue to grow!

General Info

Kerri Campbell (kerri.campbell@colonial.k12.de.us)
Assistant Principal:
Marc Emerick  (Marc.Emerick@colonial.k12.de.us)

Grade Levels: K-5
Phone 302-323-2915


502 Moores Lane
New Castle, DE 19720

School Hours

  • Bus Drop Off: 8:45 am
  • School Office Open: 8:00 am- 4:30 PM
  • Student Hours: 8:55 am-3:35 pm
  • Bus Departure: 3:50 PM
Kerri CampbellPrincipalMain Office306Kerri.Campbell@colonial.k12.de.us
Marc EmerickAsst. PrincipalMain Office307Marc Emerick@colonial.k12.de.us
Lou Ann PoliteSecretaryMain Office300Lou Ann Polite@colonial.k12.de.us
Kerri HunterSecretaryMain Office519Kerri Hunter@colonial.k12.de.us
W. Palsgrove / S. Johnson TAM/CaldwellKindergartenM14514W. Palsgrove@colonial.k12.de.us / S. Johnson TAM/Caldwell
Erin SannaKindergartenM16516Erin.Sanna@colonial.k12.de.us
Renee CrestoKindergartenM18518Renee.Cresto@colonial.k12.de.us
Amber Taylor SAM / ParisiKindergartenM20520Amber.Taylor @colonial.k12.de.us
Amy Filliben / Dominique ButtsKindergartenM22522Amy.Filliben@colonial.k12.de.us
/ Dominique.Butts@colonial.k12.de.us
Laura McCarter SAMFirst GradeA3173Laura.McCarter@colonial.k12.de.us
Alison GibbonsFirst GradeA4174Alison.Gibbons@colonial.k12.de.us
Lisa McLaughlin SAM / GroceFirst GradeB3203Lisa.McLaughlin@colonial.k12.de.us
Shayla McGhee SAM / Destiny DennisFirst GradeC3313Shayla.McGhee@colonial.k12.de.us Destiny.Dennis@colonial.k12.de.us
Lil Blevin SAM / Brianna Henry-MooreFirst GradeC4314Lil.Blevin@colonial.k12.de.us
Tracy KonkleSecond GradeA5175Tracy.Konkle@colonial.k12.de.us
Kathryn Neuman SAM / OliveraSecond GradeA6176Kathryn.Neuman@colonial.k12.de.us
Megan Cunningham SAM / Hutton Second GradeB4204Megan.Cunningham@colonial.k12.de.us
Donnajean ClaarSecond GradeC5315Donnajean.Claar@colonial.k12.de.us
Jordan Dean SAMSecond GradeC6316Jordan.Dean@colonial.k12.de.us
Lauren Harris SAM / QuinonesThird GradeA7177Lauren.Harris@colonial.k12.de.us
Alyssa ClarkThird GradeA8178Alyssa.Clark@colonial.k12.de.us
Erik Hollstein SAM / CharlesThird GradeB5205Erik.Hollstein@colonial.k12.de.us
Donnie Bowman SAM / NgoziThird GradeC7317Donnie Bowman@colonial.k12.de.us
Chelsea Amin-Johnson SAMFourth GradeD1401Chelsea.Amin-Johnson @colonial.k12.de.us
Lozetta Hayden TAM / MinceyFourth GradeD2402Lozetta.Hayden@colonial.k12.de.us
Carly Clanet  SAMFourth GradeD3403Carly Clanet@colonial.k12.de.us
Khalilah Williams SAMFourth GradeD4404Khalilah.Williams@colonial.k12.de.us
Mark BelairFifth GradeD5405Mark Belair@colonial.k12.de.us
Michelle Richards SAMFifth GradeD6406Michelle.Richards@colonial.k12.de.us
Drew Webster SAM / VilladolidFifth GradeD7407Drew Webster@colonial.k12.de.us
VACANCY SAM / BernardD8408VACANCY SAM / Bernard
Kim Barbato / Brown4/5 Intensive SupportB7207Kim Barbato@colonial.k12.de.us
Gary Schaffer, Chief CustodianM13513Gary Schaffer@colonial.k12.de.us
Ms. Register, FiremanM13513
Deb & Angela, Night StaffM13513
TechnologyTrevor Hamantrevor.haman@colonial.k12.de.us
Ms. Rembert
Behavior Interventionist
Shaq BurrisCommunities in Schools
Family Crisis TherapistYameli Coffigny 302-236-6103
Geon "Connie" YunNurseNurse's Office302Geon "Connie" Yun@colonial.k12.de.us
Tara Kulak - Mon., Thurs., Fri.Occupational TherapistB6206Tara.Kulak@colonial.k12.de.us
Christine Palmer-CaseyPhysical TherapistB6206Christine.Palmer-Casey@colonial.k12.de.us
Jenn DunkelbergerSchool CounselorB Office511Jennifer.Dunkelberger@colonial.k12.de.us
Teri DunhamSchool PsychologistB Office509Teri.Dunham@colonial.k12.de.us
Brooke BicklingSpec Ed CoordinatorB Office509Brooke.Bickling@colonial.k12.de.us
Lindy Sagett SpeechB61/2379Lindy.Sagett @colonial.k12.de.us
Jessica Pierre-Lewis, M 8-4:30; F 8-12Wellness CenterA2172Jessica.Pierre-Lewis@colonial.k12.de.us
Jennifer Houston, Tues 8AM-4:30PMWellness CenterA2172Jennifer.Houston@colonial.k12.de.us
Carrie Hughes Literacy CoachC2312Carrie.Hughes@colonial.k12.de.us
Katie RanaMath CoachC2312Katie.Rana@colonial.k12.de.us
Emma MeizellESLA1171Emma.Meizell@colonial.k12.de.us
Michele FranciaESLA1171Michele.Francia@colonial.k12.de.us
Antoinette BradleyMath Support: InterventionistC2312Antoinette.Bradley@colonial.k12.de.us
Liz TowsonReading Support: SpecialistB2202Liz.Towson@colonial.k12.de.us
Jenifer BufanoReading Support: SpecialistB2202Jenifer.Bufano@colonial.k12.de.us
Joanna FranklinInterventionistB2202Joanna.Franklin@colonial.k12.de.us
Julia van der VeurReading Assist TutorsD10410Julia van der Veur@colonial.k12.de.us
Deanna DalyArtB1201Deanna.Daly@colonial.k12.de.us
Janine Morgan-DoughtyLibraryLibrary/M5552Janine.Morgan-Doughty@colonial.k12.de.us
Fred HigginsMusic M8608Fred.Higgins@colonial.k12.de.us
Steven Morris MusicD9409Steven.Morris @colonial.k12.de.us
Kerry Schussler BandStage510Kerry.Schussler @colonial.k12.de.us
Kristen GrabowskiPhysical EducationGym526Kristen.Grabowski@colonial.k12.de.us
Ty TedrickPhysical EducationGym526Ty.Tedrick@colonial.k12.de.us


Castle Hills Elementary School, located near New Castle, Delaware, provides academic programs for kindergarten through fifth grade. The school reflects the diversity of the community it serves, and the children are guided and encouraged by a dedicated, experienced staff who represent the best of Delaware schools. The school’s strong academic concentration; focus on physical, social, and emotional development; and promotion of high self-esteem are its hallmarks. Everyone at Castle Hills School views him or herself as part of a community of learners with a focus on improving student achievement through on-going professional development. The staff believes and practices the philosophy that all adults are responsible for all children. The school motto, “All Children Will Learn Here,” reflects the district’s mission of nurturing and educating all children in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere in which individual differences are recognized and valued and every child is encouraged to achieve. The Castle Hills School faculty members firmly believe that all children need a safe, disciplined, clean, and attractive school environment. The single level building, renovated in 1995, is handicapped-accessible with 39 spacious classrooms, a library/media center, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and a multi-purpose room.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Beliefs

“Our vision is to empower every student to become college and career ready by achieving his or her academic potential in a safe, positive, and nurturing school environment.”

“Our mission is to create a learning environment in which students are empowered to exercise their full academic ability. We will foster a collaborative atmosphere utilizing research-based techniques and practices so that students will reach their potential as independent, contributing members in a global society.”

Core Beliefs
“Every child can and will learn.”
“They’re all our students. We must work together to figure it out.”
“Do what is best for kids. Try to make a difference every day.”
“It is important to build positive relationships – with staff, students, parents, principals, community.”
“Have goals and expectations, and try to rise to the challenge to meet them.”

We appreciate your willingness to serve as a field trip chaperone and know that you will make every effort to maintain proper student behavior and manners throughout the day. We believe that school field trips are an extension of the classroom. Because of this, rules and expectations for students are to be enforced at all times, as if they were in the school setting. As a chaperone, it is important that you be aware of our field trip philosophy. In order to insure every child’s safety, chaperone guidelines must be followed. They are:

1. Please arrive at the school at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time.
2. Only Castle Hills students scheduled to participate in the trip may attend.
3. Students are to be properly supervised at all times. Students are never to be left on their own.
4. Because of the need for close supervision of participating students, no other children will be permitted to accompany chaperones on any field trips.
5. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times.
6. Each time you board a bus or leave a building, you should take a count of your group.
7. Do not alter the trip routine, which has been designated by the sponsoring teacher.
8. Do not send students to run errands or deliver messages. If needed, please accompany them.
9. Please be sure students use quiet voices and walk at all times. 10. Chaperones should turn all cell phones to vibrate or off to minimize disruptions to the presenters.
11. If lunch is eaten on the trip, students are responsible to clean up their area.
12. Accompany your children to the restrooms at appropriate times.
13. No gum chewing or candy is permitted on the trip.
14. If a child does not adhere to the Castle Hills rules or is disrespectful or uncooperative, notify a teacher immediately.
15. If a there is a medical concern during the trip, notify a teacher immediately.
16. If applicable, chaperones must supervise students to the souvenir or snack shop at specified times.

Thank you very much for volunteering to chaperone! Your assistance makes this trip possible!

Calling all Box Tops!  
Please clip and send in the box tops that you find on all kinds of products in your home. The box tops will earn money for our school. Help us reach our goal of $1,000.
Check out the Box Top “Thermometer” in the school lobby to see our progress. More information can be found at the Boxtops for Education  website .You can even shop online to earn box tops by clicking on Marketplace.

P.B.S., or Positive Behavior System, is a schoolwide behavior management system that establishes clear and consistent rules and procedures throughout Castle Hills Elementary School. Students follow five basic “Royal Rules” which are:

Be Cooperative

Be Helpful

Exceed Expectations

Be Safe

Make Smart Choices

The goal is to help children become self-disciplined, responsible, and to be able to make good choices. Together, the home and school are responsible for helping our students become good citizens.

The H.U.G.s program is a part of the school-wide Positive Behavior System and was created as a means to respond positively to students and encourage appropriate behavior. H.U.G.s, which stands for “Hello”, “Update”, and “Goodbye” is a check-in/check-out program for students who may require extra support. Through the program, students are paired with staff members (“mentors”), who help teach students appropriate behaviors and provide reinforcement and positive attention. There is daily communication (through the use of a point card or tracking sheet) between students, teachers, and parents regarding behavior concerns and successes.


Tumblebooks online library of animated books is available to Castle Hills
students. Log in with the username castlehIlls and the password books to
begin your reading adventure.

Reading curriculum activities and ebooks are available at this site.
Check with your teacher for log-in information.

Study Island
You can access this site using your full name @ ches (janedoe@ches or
janedoe-smith@ches). The password is your lunch number.

Success Tracker
Math curriculum games and tutorials are available at this site.
See your classroom teacher for log-in information.