Penn Quill Publications Presents: 

2020 Yearbook 

The theme for the 2020 yearbook is “Vision 2020”. The 2020 Yearbook staff has their eye on all the AMAZING activities that are happening all around William Penn High School. We are very excited to represent all our students in the 2020 Yearbook. Help us build our yearbook content! We would love for you to submit photos and stories!

Submit Photos for the 2020 Yearbook Cover

Submit Photographs to be used on the 2020 Yearbook Cover by 9/15/2019!

Photograph Requirements: Photographs submitted may be used for the cover of the 2020 Yearbook, and/or inside the 2020 yearbook. You must have full rights to these photographs and agree that they may be published. The photographs that are submitted contain school appropriate material and are in compliance with Colonial School Districts code of conduct. You acknowledge that not all photographs submitted will be used.

The 2020 Yearbook Staff will be happy to address any inquiries you have regarding our publication. Please complete this form and we will respond as soon as possible. Please email us using the Contact Form, or email us directly at

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