Good evening William Penn Students and Families:

This is Ms. Brewington with a few reminders about the upcoming State of Delaware SAT/PSAT assessment testing day scheduled for Wednesday March 4th.

This state PSAT assessment is for 2nd year high school students and the state SAT is for our 3rd year high school students AND for any Seniors who did not take the SAT last year.  Any FIRST year 9th grade high school students and any FOURTH year Seniors who have already taken the SAT, do not need to attend school on Wednesday, March 4th.

It is very important that students arrive on time for the test.  Our start time will remain the same, 7:15 am. The building will be open to students at that time.  Students are expected to be in their testing location by 7:36 am. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to enter the testing environment once the test has begun.

Students that are testing are reminded to bring a non-mechanical #2 pencil.  Pencils will be provided, but we recommend that students also bring one. Students should also bring a snack for scheduled breaks during the test, as lunch times on this day differ from our normal schedule.  Due to college board security reasons, students will not have lunch until testing is complete.  

Under no circumstances will cell phones be permitted in the testing environment.  Students may not put their phones in their book bags, lockers, etc. during the test.  Students who bring their phones to school must power off their phones, place them in individually labeled envelopes with their name, that we will provide, and turn them in to their test proctor.   Phones will be returned when all test takers are finished the assessment and all materials are accounted for and turned into the college board assigned coordinators. If a student refuses to turn off their cell phone and turn it into the test proctor, they will not be permitted to take the assessment.  The alternative option for students who do not wish to turn their phone in during the assessment would be for the student to leave their phone home for the day.

We kindly ask that there be no early dismissals during the testing administration time, except for family emergencies.  Testing is scheduled to end around 1:15 pm. We need to minimize any interruptions to testing rooms so that students can fully concentrate on the test and prevent any possible violations with the college board.

Parents, we thank you in advance for your support in talking with your student about the importance of this test and the importance of providing a secure testing environment for all students.

This message will also be posted on our Facebook Page and on Schoology.

Thank you and have a great evening.