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Graduation Requirements

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Incoming freshman will select a “major” as part of their enrollment process to William Penn High School. Students are encouraged to work with their parents, teachers and guidance counselors to select the best major that prepares them for college and career. Make sure your choices are consistent with your abilities and career plans. The state of Delaware requires all students complete a minimum of 24 credits. However, to ensure our students are college and career ready, Colonial School District has raised the bar in both rigor and academic requirements for each major. Degree-program specifics are located on the following pages for each major. Once a student completes their specific program of study, diplomas, and high school transcripts will display the students major and concentration.

Minimum State Graduation Requirements

4 – English
4 – Mathematics
3 – Social Studies
3 – Science
2 – World Language
1 – Physical Education
½ – Health Education
3 – Career Pathway
3.5 – Electives
Total 24 credits

Further information about the increased rigor of William Penn High School’s degree program can be found in the “Restructure” section of this course catalog. In short, our program is going from career pathways to degree programs, all within career clusters – connecting all academic classes to college and career skills.