School Wide PBS


P.B.S., or Positive Behavior System, is a schoolwide behavior management system that establishes clear and consistent rules and procedures throughout Castle Hills Elementary School. Students follow five basic “Royal Rules” which are:

Be Cooperative

Be Helpful

Exceed Expectations

Be Safe

Make Smart Choices

The goal is to help children become self-disciplined, responsible, and to be able to make good choices. Together, the home and school are responsible for helping our students become good citizens.

The H.U.G.s program is a part of the school-wide Positive Behavior System and was created as a means to respond positively to students and encourage appropriate behavior. H.U.G.s, which stands for “Hello”, “Update”, and “Goodbye” is a check-in/check-out program for students who may require extra support. Through the program, students are paired with staff members (“mentors”), who help teach students appropriate behaviors and provide reinforcement and positive attention. There is daily communication (through the use of a point card or tracking sheet) between students, teachers, and parents regarding behavior concerns and successes.