Field Trip Guidelines

We appreciate your willingness to serve as a field trip chaperone and know that you will make every effort to maintain proper student behavior and manners throughout the day. We believe that school field trips are an extension of the classroom. Because of this, rules and expectations for students are to be enforced at all times, as if they were in the school setting. As a chaperone, it is important that you be aware of our field trip philosophy. In order to insure every child’s safety, chaperone guidelines must be followed. They are:

1. Please arrive at the school at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time.
2. Only Castle Hills students scheduled to participate in the trip may attend.
3. Students are to be properly supervised at all times. Students are never to be left on their own.
4. Because of the need for close supervision of participating students, no other children will be permitted to accompany chaperones on any field trips.
5. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times.
6. Each time you board a bus or leave a building, you should take a count of your group.
7. Do not alter the trip routine, which has been designated by the sponsoring teacher.
8. Do not send students to run errands or deliver messages. If needed, please accompany them.
9. Please be sure students use quiet voices and walk at all times. 10. Chaperones should turn all cell phones to vibrate or off to minimize disruptions to the presenters.
11. If lunch is eaten on the trip, students are responsible to clean up their area.
12. Accompany your children to the restrooms at appropriate times.
13. No gum chewing or candy is permitted on the trip.
14. If a child does not adhere to the Castle Hills rules or is disrespectful or uncooperative, notify a teacher immediately.
15. If a there is a medical concern during the trip, notify a teacher immediately.
16. If applicable, chaperones must supervise students to the souvenir or snack shop at specified times.

Thank you very much for volunteering to chaperone! Your assistance makes this trip possible!