About Wilmington Manor


Our goal at Wilmington Manor Elementary School is to ensure that all students are learning at the highest level so that they are able to reach their potential as students and citizens. Students are challenged to reach demanding academic expectations through a balanced achievement model. As part of a comprehensive education, our teachers expose students to a scientifically, research-based curriculum using proven instructional strategies in order to provide full access to the many facets of learning. To do so, our staff is committed to supporting overall student achievement as a professional learning community. In collaborative teams, our teachers plan lessons aligned with the Delaware Prioritized Curriculum Standards, and make data-driven, instructional decisions to provide students exposure to the core curriculum with opportunities for intervention and enrichment in all content areas.

The teachers at Wilmington Manor are passionate about making learning a rewarding and successful experience. Lessons developed target a wide range of learning styles so that the academic opportunities are relevant and exciting. Our teachers create activities and use resources that promote critical thinking and offer hands-on experiences that are differentiated for the unique needs of our students. Our after-school Extra Time program provides students with additional exposure to basic skills and learned concepts. Our exploratory arts program offers students the chance to paint like Van Gough, play trumpet in the Band, or sing in the Chorus. Other enrichment programs, like the 24 Game competition, Peer Tutoring, and Accelerated Reader, expand student choices to express their talents. Social skill programs promote a positive school environment. Our school counselor and Family Crisis Therapist are available to support the social, emotional, and academic needs of students as needed.