Carrie Downie’s dedicated staff members work collaboratively to ensure that all children receive meaningful basic and enriched instruction based upon the most recent research about the teaching-learning process. While we look at the education of the student body as a whole, we deal with children on an individual basis. Our philosophy is focused upon offering each child what is developmentally appropriate for her or him. This means paying considerable attention to strengths and weaknesses and designing a program specific for the child. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking serve as the foundation of a Carrie Downie education. Also, each child receives instruction in mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. The staff uses research-based methods to ensure that each child is challenged and taught at an appropriate level. Remediation, enrichment, and special help are offered through our reading resource staff, Title I, talent development, and special education programs. Additional support for our students and their families is available from our nurse, counselor, family crisis therapist, time-out coordinator, an educational diagnostician, and a school psychologist. We are proud of our students and their many accomplishments. Our focus remains on improving the academic achievement of all students while nurturing their social and emotional development.