Lead Water Updates

As we continue to work with State officials on the ongoing concerns related to lead levels in school buildings, we have created this page containing all the information that we receive from the Department of Education and/or the Division of Public Health.  This page is intended to ensure transparency and to keep our families and staff up-to-date on all of the information the state shares with the Colonial School District (CSD) related to these important concerns. This page will be updated every Monday while this project is taking place.


Colonial Lead water re-testing schedule

Updated February 22nd: We have now received and reported on the results of lead water testing in every school in Colonial. There will be no further weekly updates. In response to the difficulty in navigating the State’s results website, simplified result information is now available in the table below.
Our Facilities team is now working on remediation plans for all buildings. Due to continued supply chain issues and the lack of availability of parts and contractors, we are unable to provide timelines for these plans. If you have any concerns about the availability of water in any building due to fixtures being shut off, please contact your school Principal or through the contact link on our site. Sampling and testing is being conducted by BATTA environmental. All questions regarding any information in this chart should be submitted via the web form on our website.
SchoolScheduled Date of Testing CompletionStatusLink to CSD School ResultsDate Results Received
Carrie Downie Elementary School1/20/23CompleteResults1/31/23
Castle Hills Elementary School2/3/23CompleteResults2/21/23
CEEP/Colwyck School1/18/23CompleteResults1/31/23
Eisenberg Elementary School1/10/23CompleteResults1/31/23
George Read Middle School1/21/23CompleteResults2/7/23
Gunning Bedford1/20/23CompleteResults1/31/23
Leach School2/8/23CompleteResults2/16/23
McCullough Middle School1/25/23CompleteResults2/7/23
N3/Wallace Wallin12/22/22CompleteResults1/19/23
New Castle Elementary School1/24/23CompleteResults1/31/23
Pleasantville Elementary School1/5/23CompleteResults2/7/23
Southern Elementary School1/11/23CompleteResults1/19/23
Wilbur Elementary School1/24/23CompleteResults2/7/23
William Penn1/21/23CompleteResults1/31/23
Wilmington Manor Elementary School1/14/23CompleteResults2/7/23

For more information in regards to state-wide efforts, please visit https://publichealthalerts.delaware.gov/safe-school-drinking-water/#data-sampling-results

Response Protocol for receipt of building lead testing results

Upon receipt of any testing results received from Department of Education (DOE), the Department of Public Health (DPH) or the private contractor conducting the tests, Colonial will take the following steps to ensure transparent and consistent communication to our community:

  • The CSD Facilities Supervisor will immediately share results with the impacted school’s chief custodian, Building Principal, CSD Division of Health and Wellness and Communications Department.
  • The school’s building chief custodian will work with the school custodial staff to immediately shut off any elevated fixtures and post appropriate signage. 
  • Within 48 hrs of receipt, the CSD Facilities Supervisor will review results with the school Building Chief and Principal to determine any impact to school operations.
  • If elevated water fixtures being unavailable will cause a disruption to staff or students, an alternate water source will be provided. 
  • The CSD Facilities Supervisor will discuss remediation steps and timeline with District Administrators and State Officials.