February 16 2023

Delaware’s school drinking water testing program has returned new results for one (1) of our schools.  


Today’s results are for consumption points at: John G. Leach

  • The testing found elevated results in two (2) samples at two (2) fixtures in Leach. These results are higher than previous testing showed. The fixtures have been turned off from public consumption. The district will pursue remediation efforts to address the issue, such as replacing fixtures or installing filters.  
  • Additionally, one (1) fixture that was shut off due to earlier samples showing an elevated result have now tested within acceptable limits and have been turned back on.  


These results were reviewed with the Principal of the building  and it was determined that the impact to staff and students of one (1) of these fixtures being shut off would cause a disruption.  An alternative water source has been made available in that area.  


The detailed results, as well as additional resources for families are linked on our website

 and de.gov/schoolwater under sampling .