Who WE Are – Toby Hagerott

An innovative farmer.

Since 2016 Toby Hagerott has been managing Penn Farm, the largest student-run farm in the country. Every year brings its own challenges, but this year, with no students to help because of Delaware’s State of Emergency, Hargerott needed to depend on volunteers to do all of the work that comes with prepping a farm each Spring. “When volunteers were asked for, staff stepped up. This willingness to step in and get things done is what makes ‘The Power of WE’ one of the best credos for the district,” Hagerott says.

Still, this farmer misses working with the students from across CSD, most of whom have an interest in agriculture programs, but others are from middle and elementary schools. Students visit the farm at some time during the school year to get some hands-on experience with planting or harvesting produce which is used in school cafeterias, shared with culinary arts programs at the high school and George Read Middle School, or with the surrounding community. For many young students being on a farm that is located in the middle of New Castle is a first-time adventure.

“The best part of working with students is seeing a connection being made and a light going on. It’s rewarding to see students learning and having a better appreciation of where food comes from. Penn Farm is a unique piece of Colonial Nation!”

Want more information about Penn Farm?
Visit http://www.colonialschooldistrict.org/pennfarm/

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