Who We Are – Dr. Nneka Jones, Kai Ward & Kisa Parker-Ward

Sharing the stories of families who have chosen careers in Colonial.

When it comes to being an educator, Dr. Nneka Jones can look at the generations of her family members who impacted the lives of students as teachers.  Jones, the first African American female to reach the ranks of Assistant Superintendent in the Colonial School District (CSD) hails from Washington DC, but began her teaching career 25 years ago when husband, Erik Jones, now Deputy Principal of William Penn High School, convinced her to work in CSD where he was raised and also ascended from being a teacher into a leadership position. “I believe in the leadership pipeline and equity work in the district… I am a product of the leadership pipeline and I feel it is my duty to extend my hand and support those who aspire to be leaders. My passion is just as strong with the work of equity. It is important for me to work until my last breath to ensure that students who have the odds stacked against them have the same opportunities as others,” Jones says. Kisa Parker-Ward couldn’t agree more. She is Jones’ sister who followed in the family’s footsteps after spending 11 years in corporate America. Today, after 12 years as an educator in CSD, she realizes she made a career change that impacts lives. “I hope that the children I have encountered during my journey as an educator will remember they are capable and deserving of greatness and all that comes with it. Also, when they achieve success, it is their responsibility to reach back, teach, and build others to do the same,” Parker-Ward says. The newest member of the family to join CSD is Kai Ward, Parker’s daughter and Jones’ niece. As a first-year paraprofessional at Southern Elementary School, she is working fulltime and going to undergraduate school to become a teacher saying, “I knew that I would not be fulfilled in life if I did not go into education. The importance was stressed in my household…I strive to be a role model and impact every child that I come into contact with, whether in the classroom, hallway, or cafeteria.”  Countless children and their families can thank this family for their bloodline of passion and dedication for educating and supporting the lives of young people in Colonial Nation!