Who WE Are – The Hitchens

Kyle and Jessica Hitchens found the career they love as educators in the same place…the Colonial School District! Jessica, who was recently promoted to be the Supervisor of Extended Learning, was a student advisor at Gunning Bedford. Jessica  has worked in the District for eight years.  During her time within Colonial, Jessica worked at Gunning Bedford for a year after teaching for six years at Southern and working as a reading interventionist at Wilmington Manor before her promotion. Kyle, works as a Driver’s Education teacher, Assistant Athletic Director,  and baseball coach at William Penn, where he has been for seven years, as a teacher that is. Kyle is also a proud William Penn Alumni, where he was a member of both the Football and Baseball team during his high school career! Both attended Wilmington University, where Kyle was a member of the WILMU Baseball Team, and Jessica the WILMU Softball Team. After they met and graduated college, they decided to get married and remain as residents in the District.

“It’s a joy and an honor to work in the same district as one another because we have had both the privilege and the opportunity to see our student’s when they’re young, establish and  build those relationships with them and their families, and as they get older they will have the opportunity to reconnect further in their educational careers with my husband,” Jessica says. “It has been a pleasure to hear and see my past students, now within my husband’s classes and hear about all of the amazing accomplishments they have/are making in their high school careers”. 

Both Kyle and Jessica started their career as long term substitutes within Colonial. Furthermore, both credit their professional development that Colonial offers to their present leadership roles.  “Professional development within Colonial is like no other. Colonial has allowed us to make connections with fellow teachers, administrators, and stakeholders within Colonial, all the while providing us with a plethora of teaching strategies that have allowed us to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom. Working for Colonial in various roles has allowed us to observe from multiple perspectives as stakeholders within the district. It can be said that without a doubt the opportunities Colonial offers to their students, staff, families, and stakeholders alike are rare, and something you don’t find in other districts. WE are truly a family”. Kyle has known the Power of WE, long before he had met Jessica and is glad to share what he has always known to be true about Colonial, a family. Not only is Kyle a Colonial Alumni, but so are his parents Lori and Charlie Hitchens, who also reside within the Colonial School District. 

The Hitchens’ value the training they have received and the connections they maintain with the members of the community. “My husband and I are truly invested in the Power of WE. WE believe in the vision and mission of Colonial and where it’s going for our students! Now more than ever, with the current state of education and our community, WE believe that Colonial Nation is the pioneer for education with Delaware.Kyle and I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the access and opportunity that Colonial has created, and continues to create for our students upon returning from COVID. While I have only been in my new position for three weeks, I can honestly say that what we are doing as a district is not only going to benefit our students for their return in the fall, but for the remainder of their educational careers, and beyond. Colonial has set the bar at an all time high for our staff, students, and stakeholders. WE are committed to not returning to what was considered “normal” pre-covid, but returning as something much better! Our teachers have put in an immense amount of time to learn and refine their craft, enrich our students in the summer, and engage in various professional developments that ensure equitable, accessible, and opportunity for ALL, before, during, and after school hours. I am so proud and honored to be a part of our Colonial family, to work alongside such a fantastic group of educators, administrators, faculty, and staff, and to set the standard for other districts within Delaware.” 



The Hitchens are #WhoWEAreCSD.