Who WE Are – Tameka Mays

Paraprofessional and President of the Colonial Paraprofessional Association.

Tameka Mays goes above and beyond the call of duty in her position as a paraprofessional in Colonial, but she says her peers do the same. Mays can speak for her colleagues because she is the president of the paraprofessionals union. “In my capacity as a union leader, it means working collectively for the greater good of all parties. I have seen it work in our district; our staff members feel included, valued, and supported,” she says. Mays is thankful for the paraprofessionals who work hard to reach the needs of Colonial’s students both as a union president and as a parent. Mays is the loving mother of three children who attend Pleasantville, New Castle, and Leach. As a parent and as a union representative she is especially appreciative of the team-building spirit that permeates throughout the District saying, “The Power of WE means working collectively in order to achieve what is best for students, staff and the community!”