Who We Are – Shana Bacon

When Shana Bacon isn’t teaching Health classes at William Penn High School or co-directing the dance troupe at the school, this 28-year educator can often be found at the Rosehill Community Center where she runs a free clothing closet. “Bacon’s Boutique” opened in 2015 after Shana brought her own clothes to the center for donation, only to find a tiny room in disarray. She quickly got to work, making a larger space look like a real store by filling it with racks of gently used and many brand new clothes. “It became a passion when I saw how happy people, especially children, were to get new clothing. All of the thanks, smiles, and hugs I receive make the many hours I spend at the community center on my free time worthwhile. I truly believe in this saying I found on social media: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is stress, working hard for something we loved is called passion.” I love to work for a district that shows we ARE Colonial Nation!

Shana is Who WE Are.