Who WE Are – Ron Handy

Ron Handy has lived in the Colonial School District for more than 11 years, not just as a resident, but as a community leader who believes in getting into the trenches. Aside from being a member of the Colonial Board of Education, Handy actively serves on more than five other community-related boards including The Boys and Girls Club saying, “I’m very relentless when it comes to providing services for the community.” Handy has seven biological children, and raised three others. This grandfather of 21, three of whom attend schools in the District, is passionate about helping young people become productive, responsible citizens. “I just believe it’s our duty to show kids something different, and it’s our duty to show them positive role models versus what they see on social media,” he says. As for the school board meetings, Handy encourages residents to attend and to call him if issues arise because he sees himself as a conduit between the community and the District. He also reminds families to be accountable, and to do their part in a positive fashion with all issues that impact the community saying, ”You can stand outside of a building and yell and scream with picket signs. You will get five minutes of fame, or you can come inside the building and affect real change.” Handy hopes more families become actively involved in matters concerning Colonial Nation because he strongly believes in the Power of WE. “If we continually separate ourselves or segment ourselves, there’s less of a chance that an issue will be taken care of, but when we’re collective and we’re speaking and working together, we can break down a lot of walls!”

Ron is #WhoWEAre.