Who WE Are – Peggie Buchanan & Cheryl Sill

Peggie Buchanan and Cheryl Sill have a lot in common. Both love their jobs. Both love kids, and both work for Colonial’s Transportation Division. What is uncommon is both have worked side by side for 12 years. Buchanan is the driver on bus 100, and Sill is her aide. “We even finish each other’s sentences when it comes to the kids, or I can just look in the mirror and she knows to have a certain kid sit down or something like that. We just know, we read each other,” Buchanan says. Over the years the co-workers have developed a special relationship. “We’re friends, I look up to her. I value her opinion,” Sill says. Sill has been a bus aide for a total of 15 years and Buchanan has spent 30 years behind the wheel, with plans to retire at the end of this school year. “She keeps telling me when I retire I have to pay her alimony and all this crazy stuff!” Buchanan laughed. Sill admits she’s not looking forward to losing her road partner. “I get upset just thinking about it. It’s not going to be good. I don’t know how I’m going to adjust to this but I know I have to.” Until that day, the driving duo will continue doing what they love together. Both say they consider themselves lucky because not all partners get along as well as they do with Buchanan adding, “We’re both in it for the same thing, which is the kids. We both care dearly about our children, our students.” Both are now helping Nutrition Services workers deliver meals to students who are learning remotely but the route is not near their usual one where they might see familiar faces. “I miss my kids, and I mean my kids. Once they’re on my bus they’re mine and I miss them dearly. I worry about them and I can’t wait to see my babies again,” Buchanan says, with her partner nodding in agreement knowing she would echo the very same sentiments.

Peggie & Cheryl are #WhoWEAreCSD