Who WE Are – Master Sergeant LeRoy Rush

For 16 years Master Sergeant LeRoy Rush has been seen proudly wearing his US Air Force blue uniform or fatigues at William Penn (WP) where he now serves as an aerospace instructor after starting the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program at the school in 2005. Rush, who spent nearly 23 years in the Air Force, strongly believes it’s his civic duty to mentor and develop youth to become productive citizens. He also is seen as a father figure to many students saying, “I have plenty of cadets past and present who feel like I’m their school dad. I deal with a lot of cadets in a similar way that I raised my own three children..fair, but firm! My approach with kids is not all about discipline, because I find a teachable moment is available in every situation.”

Rush hopes his cadets graduate with a special sense of pride after finding a second family at WP, a family that successfully guided and taught them well. He finds personal joy in seeing his cadets develop into mature adults who are winning in life and points to shining examples like Natalia Drew, who went on to graduate from West Point Military Academy and is currently a Captain in the US Army, Steven Nardone, another who reached the rank of Captain in the Air Force, and Willie Gonzales who is now a pilot for a JetBlue airline. Although Rush did not graduate from WP like many on staff he says, “I wish I did, my education experiences would have been great!”

Rush hopes all of his graduates realize Colonial’s Power of WE helped to shape their future. “When I think about the Power of WE, I think about all Colonial School District employees, cafeteria workers, custodians, teachers, and secretaries all working together to educate our children. This UNITY is what made Colonial a great school district.” Veterans Day holds a special place in Rush’s heart because he not only thinks about all of the men and women who sacrificed to protect and serve the United States but also his own family because his grandfather, father, and son are veterans like himself. “I would hope on this Veterans Day our nation as a whole would take time out to reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans who served in wars defending our way of life. These sacrifices allow citizens to have freedom of speech and protest. America is the greatest place to live on this earth!”

Leroy is #WhoWEAreCSD