Who WE Are- Lisa Brewington

When Lisa Brewington started teaching in the Colonial School District 19 years ago, she never dreamed she would be named the first African American female principal at William Penn; the largest public high school in the state of Delaware. “These are big shoes to fill,” says Brewington, but fill them she will by promoting all of the college and career readiness programs at William Penn and seeking to begin new ones. As for the students she says, “I want students to realize whatever their circumstances are, that school is the vessel that will take them anywhere.” Brewington says she doesn’t want to lose touch with the kids now that she has a new role, so she hopes to continue building relationships with students, staff, and their families. Her goal is for students and their families to view William Penn as a safe, fun, environment where students thrive inside and outside of the classroom. “I’ve always loved school and I want everyone to feel that way too. I want our kids to see that this is the best way to do anything they want to do in life.”

Lisa Brewington is #WhoWEAre.