Who WE Are – Leo Magee

Leo Magee, Sr. truly has a heart for children; he and his wife Patricia have six biological children and seven foster children, with two grandchildren and one foster child attending schools in the District. Three of Leo and Patricia’s foster children have graduated from and are proud William Penn alumni. Magee’s love for children is one of the reasons why he has spent the last 14 years serving on the Board of Education. “My service on the Board is to direct the District to excellence and inclusion, and I just love to see kids grow and succeed,” Magee says. As one of the senior members on the school board, Magee has watched the District evolve over the years saying he likes what he sees, “We have excelled in the past 10 years by looking at the whole person. Aside from providing a solid education we now look at the well-being of the child, their life at home, their healthcare…you name it and we address it.” Magee, a retired Philadelphia Firefighter, has made Colonial Nation his home where he takes a special interest in students who may need extra help. “Some kids have a rough road, particularly today. It’s much different than when I was growing up and we need to give them every break they can get,” he says. As for his thoughts about the District, “It’s tough to be the best of the best but we might as well try, and I’ll tell you there’s one thing we have that other districts don’t and that’s the heart…that’s more important in life than the letters after your name.”

Leo is #WhoWEAre.