Who WE Are – Laura Cahall

Always a teacher

Laura Cahall Community partner
Years ago, Laura Cahall attended Colonial School District as a young student and then became a 1st grade teacher for McCullough when it was an elementary school. She later made the decision to become a stay at home mom with her young daughters. Still, she knew her calling as an educator was far from over. Cahall became the Director of Hope Lutheran Early Education Center in New Castle. At the center, she embraced Hope Lutheran’s commitment to serve the community in early education. The center has been in operation since 1967, changing and evolving over time. The center serves children two to eight, year-round with a mission to partner with Colonial to provide parents with tools needed to make the transition to school as successful as possible. Hope Lutheran works closely with the district’s itinerant special education teachers, speech and occupational therapists, along with other educators to help prepare kids in as many ways as needed. “With Colonial and Hope working together, it’s a true community partnership,” said Cahall “I love working with the families in this area, this is home.” Laura Cahall’s heart remains with the community where she formally attended and taught and she lives up to our beloved mantra- Once a Colonial, always a Colonial!

Laura is #WhoWEAre.