Who We Are – Kyle Stant

Kyle Stant

When students pass Kyle Stant in the hallways at William Penn they call him a celebrity now, but that’s not what the school custodian thinks of himself. Stant was captured on police bodycam video helping five New Castle County Police officers hand-lifting an SUV after a 70-year old woman became trapped beneath it. That woman was Stant’s neighbor. He first tried to assist the victim alone, but his experience as a former volunteer firefighter prompted him past his adrenaline rush to get more help. The bodycam video was viewed by millions, and suddenly Stant was dubbed a hero. “I really appreciate it, it’s really nice but I’m no hero. I’m just a good samaritan who was in the right place at the right time…whether she was 17 or 70, I would have done the same thing,” he humbly says.  

Stant, who graduated from William Penn in 2009 likely got his brute force as a student-athlete. He played football and was on the wrestling and lacrosse teams. On social media, former classmates posted comments like this, “Kyle Stant has always been a great person. I remember him sticking up for other kids. He could have easily been a bully with his size but no, he was always there for the ones being bullied. Great upbringing!”  Stant, who has worked for Colonial for the last 4 ½  years is glad he returned to his alma mater as a custodian. “I grew up in this district my whole life. William Penn is a great school and this is a great community!”

The Board of Education honored Stant with a plaque at the February 2022 meeting for being a good samaritan who represents Who WE Are!