Who We Are – Kineta King & Joe Russo

Texas Roadhouse, located in the the Colonial School District, isn’t just a steakhouse, it is a true community hotspot. While Kineta and Joe  Russo are constantly on the go running their highly popular and successful business, they always make time to contribute to Colonial schools and organizations in a number of ways. With two children in the district, the owners  do everything they can to show their support; from donating kid’s meal for student achievement, to celebrating teachers by catering free lunches or sending the restaurant’s mouth-watering buttered rolls to staff lounges as a gesture of thanks. Away from the business, Kineta finds time to organize book fairs and help teachers in any way possible. Joe and Kineta make Colonial Nation stronger by being a faithful community business partner that supports  our schools, our staff, and our students. They truly are Who We Are! 

Visit Kineta and Joe’s place at https://www.texasroadhouse.com/restaurant-locations/delaware/bear