Who WE Are – Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander has spent 18 years working in the Colonial School District, starting as a teacher, assistant principal, and most recently the principal of Pleasantville Elementary School. While Alexander loved being a principal, she’s excited about moving to a brand new position, Director of Talent Development. In this role, Alexander will focus on retaining and recruiting the most qualified teachers she can find to educate Colonial students. Among her many goals, Alexander wants to see more minority teachers in the classroom saying, “Colonial is a district that believes our students deserve role models who look like them. Our district is committed to providing the resources, support, and professional development to grow teachers so they can acquire the skills necessary to  provide instruction to meet the needs of ALL students.”  Alexander believes the new teachers she recruits will be as excited as she is about working for a district where the Power of WE  is more than just a tagline. “To me, the Power of WE means working together to provide students with the academic, social, and emotional supports necessary for them to be successful,” she says. Alexander has always been a team player as are so many other administrators, teachers, and staff in Colonial. “TThis notion of working together was most recently exemplified during the COVID-19 global pandemic. I am amazed at the level of detail and thought that ​has gone into developing a plan to provide instruction in a learning environment unlike any we have seen before” Alexander says. While taking on her new role, Alexander won’t be leaving the classroom entirely as she is enrolled as a student at Wilmington University where she plans to earn her doctoral degree in May 2021. Until then, she’ll continue the work of developing a teacher pipeline program to find the best and the brightest educators for students, after all, she says,  “Colonial is by far the BEST district around!”

Jenn is #WhoWEAre.