“My Favorite memory as an educator in Colonial . . . .

Ava is a sweet second grader, who has been struggling to master a new math strategy. She started the school year lacking confidence but was eager to practice, receive feedback, and improve. Through our classroom discussions and morning meetings, Ava shared with her classmates her goal of mastering this new math strategy. I asked the class, “What can we do to support Ava in reaching her goal?” 5 students popped their hands up. The class was jumping at the bit to help Ava during their morning time, during their recess time, or any other free time throughout the day. The next day, Terron was at the back table eating his breakfast, and tutoring Ava. Two days later, during number talks, Ava was able to correctly explain how to use this math strategy that had previously stumped her. When she finished her explanation, the class cheered, and I did a happy dance.
As an educator, many people would assume that the most memorable moments of my teaching career would be when a student improves academically. Yes, academic skills are very important, but the greatest moments of my teaching career have been watching students create meaningful relationships with each other and the desire to help others improve.

Who We Are – Emily Ridall

New Castle Elementary is the only place Emily Ridall has ever taught and she wouldn’t have any other way. “I teach here because I love the staff & students. I’ve met some of my best friends here.”

Even though she is only in her 5th year of teaching, you would never know it. Ridall’s professionalism, school spirit and passion for teaching mirror that of some of the most senior teachers in Colonial. Recently, Emily presented a professional development session to her colleagues around Responsive Classroom and it’s uses in the classroom.

“I’m proud of the growth I’ve made since beginning in Colonial. I’ve been given the opportunity to attend amazing professional development sessions and recently present my own professional development. Through coaching and feedback I’ve been able to enhance my craft. Every year I grow and improve.”



Emily Ridall and her readers are Who WE Are.

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