Who WE Are – Donna Fesmire

Donna Fesmire loves music and children, so it’s no wonder she feels fortunate that both of her passions led to a 26-year career with the Colonial School District as a music teacher and choral director. Fesmire spent most of her time at William Penn High where she made music with her students for 22 years. This veteran in Colonial Nation says during her time in the district she has built meaningful relationships with students, staff and administrators. Fesmire has another love now–serving as president of the Colonial Education Association (CEA), where she represents the interests of fellow teachers. “Being President of the CEA has opened my eyes to just what it takes to build a positive environment for everyone including students and employees. It has been my goal to build the relationship between the district and the association so that we work together. The district has definitely opened the doors to that relationship and has given all of us the ability to make positive change,” she says. Fesmire credits Colonial’s administrators for giving her an opportunity to grow both as a music teacher, choral director, and in her present leadership role with the CEA saying, “I believe they care about their employees, students and the Colonial community. I believe their vision is innovative and they are constantly thinking forward to give our students all the opportunities they can possibly have.” Colonial Nation’s Power of WE mantra is like music to Fesmire’s ears because it blends partnerships, much like a harmony, ”Every single person that is employed by the school district is involved in our students’ success. By working together we give our students the most safe and healthy environment possible in order to learn!”

Donna is #WhoWEAre