Who WE Are – Cheritta Marvel

For 48 years, Cheritta Marvel has watched generations of kindergarten students enter her classroom, many of whom are former students requesting that Mrs. Marvel be the teacher for their child. “They share with their children memories of our relationship. For me, the goal is always the same for teaching children: empower them to be the best they can be, inspire them to believe in themselves, and to become lifelong learners,” Mrs. Marvel says. It is her passion for education and the love she has for young students that drives Mrs. Marvel to keep teaching at Southern Elementary School long after many of her colleagues have retired. As one of the senior-ranked teachers in the district, Mrs. Marvel is quick to share advice with new teachers: 1st – Be genuine. You should know that teaching is a profession that “intensifies” dedication, commitment, and selfless time. 2nd – Be respectful and caring in building relationships. 3rd – Be approachable by becoming an effective communicator. 4th—Most of all, Be You! Character counts. Model examples so they see the value in education and its relevance to their lives and futures. In addition to lending her sage advice, Cheritta Marvel also shares this reminder to fellow teachers: “To the world you are just a teacher, but to your students, you are a star!” Mrs. Marvel is a shining star in the Colonial School District–thank you for representing Who WE Are!