Who WE Are – Charla Williams

Charla Williams is doing just what she set out to do. After graduating from William Penn in 1996, she has come back home to teach at Pleasantville Elementary. Recently, Williams jumped at the opportunity to take a leadership role in Colonial’s focus on equity. As the co-facilitator of professional development (PD) sessions for staff in all divisions, she leads PD workshops that challenge staff to think outside of the typical methods of learning, teaching, and interacting to cultivate students who will change the world’s dynamic. For Williams, the focus on equity hits home because she is the mother of two African American sons, Aaron age 16, and Willard, age 9. Both boys attend Colonial Schools. “As a mom, I’m always concerned about the path of my sons. I’m trying to raise young men who will one day be changemakers in the world.” Through her work, she hopes to raise awareness and sensitivity among Colonial’s staff for the sake of her sons and all students Williams says, “I think it is very important for Colonial to focus on equity as we begin to cultivate a culture of empathy, understanding, and acceptance among our teachers, students and their families. We are striving to know, understand and accept our differences while celebrating the factors that make us unique. The Power of We works for the advancement of all children and we are taking the time to foster all relationships with all stakeholders. By doing this we are starting the process to change the odds.”

Charla is Who WE Are.