Who WE Are – Chadd Everett

Chad Cortez Everett is more than just an art teacher at McCullough Middle School. This 17-year Colonial veteran is an award-winning professional artist who has solo exhibitions to showcase his talent and passion as an artist. Most recently, Everett won second-place in the professional category by the State Employee Committee for his collage piece entitled “Count My Blessings.” 
Everett says he hopes his artwork inspires hope in people. Everett also works hard to inspire his students and all others whom he cares deeply about. “I am not just a middle school art teacher; I am a father, a professional artist, a community leader, and I am change.”

Chad is #WhoWEAreCSD .

See more of Mr. Everett and his student’s work at WE Create: the Colonial School District Art Show on May 3rd and 4th!